Newman Capricorn Lodge Visit 2018

The annual pilgrimage of Brethren from Seaview Lodge and this year accompanied by Brethren from Hale with Justice Lodge left Perth in the Grand Lodge Bus at 6.00am on Thursday 6 September.

Members on the bus were: VW Bro Lauder Coomber, W Bros Mick Waterson, Shane Sadler, Dennis Lamb (WM) and Bro Jamie Holloway (from Seaview) and MW Bro Steve Jancec and W Bro Frank Audus (from Hale with Justice). Noticeable absentees were RW Bro Ian Mansfield and VW Bro Lloyd Little who were unable to make the trip due to health issues – nothing serious!

First stop was Dalwallinu where the group visited the memorial to Freemasonry in the main street of town – a very tastefully designed tribute to Dalwallinu Freemasonry with the Lodge now being in recess. Would recommend to any Masons driving through Dalwallinu that you stop and have a read of this very well done contribution to the history of Freemasonry in that District.

Canola in full bloom

Onwards through the wildflower area from Paynes Find to Mount Magnet and a quite disappointing array of flowers – apparently great further west but not so great where we were.

Onwards to our stopover in Meekatharra where we were very well looked after at Auski Motel – with the evening meal timed to coincide with half time in the AFL Richmond v Hawthorn match

Fair to comment that some members of the party were a great deal more circumspect in terms of keeping their bodies hydrated this year than last year – seems that you can teach some old dogs new tricks!!

Dinner at Meekatharra

Up early on Friday and , disappointingly, the mobile food van which was such a hit last year in Meekatharra, was not operating this time.

Arrived in Newman about 1.00pm after the compulsory stop in Cue to visit the old Masonic Hall – built in 1899.

VW Bro Les Troman (Corinthian Family Lodge) was picked up the airport and joined us at the SES Dongas.

Friday evening saw the Brethren assisting Capricorn members with a Third Degree – W Bro Dennis Lamb in the Chair. Typically beautiful curries provided by Capricorn members were one of the highlights of the Festive Board.

Brethren Ready for Lodge

Bro Jamie Holloway spent the evening singing the Melbourne Football Club team song – not sure why!

On the Saturday morning RW Bro Peter Kirwan conducted a Deacons training course which quite a few members attended including a very keen EA from Capricorn – this young man spent most of Friday night with the Tyler (VW Bro Coomber) and again on Saturday for the Installation, also attended the Deacons session and was first up on Sunday morning to assist with the cooking of the recovery breakfast. Sadly, for Capricorn, he is leaving Newman in 6 weeks or so and , hopefully, Seaview will become his new Masonic home.

The reports on the Installation were glowing with WIO W Bro Adam Majid and the new WM W Bro David Evrett both performing their roles with distinction. At the Festive Board and, after the usual toasts, RW Bro Mike Claydon was presented with the Mulla Mulla Award for his services to Freemasonry in the Pilbara.


On to the Seasons Restaurant for the usual lovely meal and Capricorn’s traditional large raffle which raised in the order of $2,700 which included an auction for a beautiful pearl from Willy Creek Pearls.

During the evening W Bro Mick Waterson was presented with a Pilbara Ambassador award in recognition of his support of Capricorn Lodge through his regular pilgrimages to Newman.

W. Bro Waterson Receives his Pilbara Ambassador’s Award

Fair to say that W Bro Waterson was very emotional when receiving the Award – as indeed have been all the previous winners. Seaview now has three recipients of this award – RW Bro Ian Mansfield, VW Bro Lauder Coomber and now W Bro Mick Waterson.

Up and at it early on Sunday morning for the recovery breakfast and the bus hit the road for Perth at 7.15am and arrived safely home at about 8.00pm.

Another wonderful experience in the Pilbara – great fellowship and the establishment of new Masonic friendships. Role on next year.

Capricorn Trip 2017

W ell –  here we go again on our annual pilgrimage to The Capricorn Lodge at Mt Newman. All gathered at Lauder’s house on time and ready to depart in the Grand Lodge bus.

WM Shane Sadler, VW Bro Graeme Woods (Carrington Lodge), VW Bro Kingsley Preston (Hale with Justice Lodge), W Bro Mick Waterson, VW Bro Lauder Coomber, RW Bro Ian Mansfield, Bro Jamie Holloway & W Bro Dennis Lamb

The group left at 9:45am on Thursday the 7th of September making good time for our overnight stay at the Meekatharra Motel. We all enjoyed a splendid meal in the restaurant followed by some good banter back in one of the rooms – all had a good nights sleep. We departed Meeka at around 8:30am next morning after stopping at the local food van for egg and bacon rolls and coffee for breakfast – which are highly recommended.

Ian & Graeme at Meeka next morning


Cue Lodge (now abandoned) established 8th April 1899 as per the Foundation Stone laid in the NW Corner.


Dennis & Ian contemplating anther egg & bacon roll at a fuel stop in Kumarina

We arrived Newman around 1:00pm on the Friday and booked into our accommodation at the SES dongas, where we all enjoyed a well deserved rest before the ceremony that evening. Bro Michael Hess & Bro Grant Berry were raised in a double 3rd Degree ceremony, with visiting Brethren from the touring party filling many of the positions for the ceremony.  This was followed by a terrific night in the South where all enjoyed themselves. We all went back to our accommodation after the ceremony in good spirits and sat up for some time reflecting on such a grand day we all had.

Bros Berry and Hess seated either side of  WM Lewis Sheppard of Capricorn Lodge  after their Raising

Saturday was a day getting prepared for the Installation of the WME Bro Adam Majid, plus some site seeing around the district. We all headed off for the Lodge rooms where the ceremony was due to begin at 1:30pm. It went off like clockwork with everyone doing a great job, as did a short time in the South where speeches were made and some light refreshments were enjoyed before heading to the Sessions Hotel for a more formal evening. A fabulous night was had by all with the Hotel putting on a wonderful meal and refreshments.

A few happy snaps of the evening

W Bro Les Troman accepting the “Pilbara Ambassadors Award” with the three previous recipients

RW Bro Bert Russell celebrating the night with some of the ladies

VW Bro Ben Lewis in conversation with WM Shane sadler

VW Bro Allen Cooper with his wife Debbie, Anita Grace and VW Bro Graeme Woods enjoying th evening especially the presents they won in the raffle.

The night finished off as a resounding success, where the touring brethren again retired to their Dongas for a chat and reflection on a great night.

Getting ready to depart Newman

Next morning we were roused bright and early by Lauder, cleaned up, packed our bags and headed to the Lodge rooms for a BBQ breaky put on by the Capricorn Boys. We departed Newman around 7:30am arriving at Lauders at 8:00pm after an uneventful drive. We are all looking forward to the trip next year with any other Brethren who would be most welcome.

Christian Lamb 3rd Degree Ceremony 23 August 2017

A  contingent of Seaview Lodge members attended the Raising of Bro Christian Lamb at the Lodge of Faith, Hope & Charity on Wednesday the 23th August.  Christian is the Nephew of the Junior Warden at the Seaview Lodge – Bro Jon lamb, hence the connection. A terrific night was had by all within the Lodge rooms and in the South.

Congratulations to Bro Lamb on becoming a fully fledged Freemason.

Seaview Lodge members with Bro Christian Lamb.

W Bro Dennis Lamb, Bro Jon Lamb (Christian’s Uncle), VW Bro Lauder Coomber, Bro Christian Lamb, W Bro Michael Waterson,  RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle, WM Shane  Sadler, Bro Dan Darbyshire , Bro Jamie Holloway

Grand Installation – Grand Lodge of South Africa 8 July

Grand Installation – Grand Lodge of South Africa 8 July.

The meeting was attended by Representatives of the Grand Lodges of England, Ireland, Scotland, Western Australia, Togo, Benin, Guinea, Mali, Mauritius, Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria.  This group included five visiting Grand Masters and, as the representative of our Grand Master, I was received with a Head of Delegation status.  The festivities commenced on the Friday night with a reception for Heads of Delegation and Partners and at which I was placed on the same table as the Deputy Grand Master elect and the representatives of Ireland and Scotland.

Grand Lodge of South Africa installation. RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle represented the GLWA at the ceremony.

At the Grand Installation on Saturday afternoon, Western Australia was the fourth senior Grand Lodge, and each Head of Delegation was escorted into the Lodge room by the Grand Master of Ceremonies and introduced to the GM and GM elect.  The layout of the Lodge room reflects the continental origins of this Grand Lodge with the two Grand Wardens seated in the West and entry made between them.  The ceremony itself was interesting and quite different to our own.  The GM elect was escorted in by an Escort of Honour comprising the five GMs and the representatives of UGLE, Ireland and Scotland.  Grand Officers in GL South Africa (GLSA) wear light blue regalia.  GLSA has five Provincial Grand Lodges and they are distinguished by gold regalia with gold bordered aprons and gold collars.  Several of the visiting GLs show a green background indicating their links with Ireland or Scotland as most of the west African countries had Irish or Scottish Districts.

To celebrate, Saturday night was devoted to the Grand Banquet.  The hospitality of GLSA could not be faulted and serves to highlight the international nature of Freemasonry

Submitted for our web page by RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle with many thanks.

Ceremonies Of The 3rd Degree 2017

At our last two meetings on the 19 July and 16 August the Lodge had the privilege of Raising Bros. Jake Richards and Paul Thornbury to the Degree of  a Master Mason. Ceremony on both occasions were completed in an excellent manner, where both candidates thoroughly enjoyed the night.

On a more sombre note, the Lodge retired the Apron of W Bro Grahame Myers Manoy after his passing in July. W Bro Jim Eyres read the Eulogy and recited the traditional Ode.

Bro. Nick Covich (proposer) newly raised Bro. Paul Thornbury and Worshipful Master Shane Sadler

Bro. Paul Thornbury, Worshipful Master Shane Sadler and newly Raised Bro. Jake Richards.

Congratulations On Becoming  Fully Fledged Freemasons, And completing Your Entrance Into The Masonic Order

Freemasons to the Rescue

Freemasons to the Rescue!!

Members of the Seaview Freemasons Lodge, which is located in Doubleview,  recently donated sufficient funds to the Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club to enable the Club to buy two additional rescue boards. Rescue boards are generally  a first responder to emergency situations and are equipped with rails around the edge to enable a number of people who may be in difficulty to retain buoyancy while waiting for further assistance to arrive.


The Seaview Freemasons raise funds for charitable causes. Sausage sizzles at Bunnings Innaloo are an important part of the fund raising programme and the support of Bunnings is gratefully acknowledged.






Pictured from left to right are : Alan Carville (President SSLSC), Shane Sadler and Trevor Arbuckle (Seaview Masonic Lodge) and Jody Ballard (Vice President SSLSC)

Seaview Lodge Annual Pilgrimage to Capricorn Lodge Newman 2016

A group comprising RW Bro Ian Mansfield, VW Bros Lloyd Little, Lauder Coomber, Graham Woods (Carrington Lodge), VW Bro Kevin Duke, W Bros Shane Sadler, Dennis Lamb and Bro Jamie Holloway departed Perth on 7th September in the Grand Lodge bus bound for Newman, with an overnight stay in Meekatharra via a short stop over in Dalwallinu to enjoy the Masonic Exhibition in the main street. The party continued on their journey next morning arriving Newman around midday on the 8th.

The team gathered and ready to depart VW Bro Lauder's home

The team gathered and ready to depart VW Bro Lauder’s home

Admiring the Masonic exhibition at Dalwallinu

Admiring the Masonic exhibition at Dalwallinu

That evening, a special meeting of Capricorn Lodge was held with VW Bro Graeme Cucel (WM of South East Asia WA Lodge) in the chair, to initiate Mr. Grant Berry. Members of the touring party assisted in the ceremony and Capricorn has gained a most impressive new young member in Bro Berry.

Bro Grant Berry with the Initiation Team

Bro Grant Berry with the Initiation Team & Lodge members

On Friday the 9th September VW Bro Lauder Coomber sat in the chair with the touring party assisting in the ceremony to raise Bro Scott Morgan. A feature of the ceremony was the comparison in heights between the two Deacons.

Bro Scott Morgan with the Team, Lodge Members and Visitors

Bro Scott Morgan with the Team, Lodge Members and Visitors

RW Bro Russell at 5 feet and a bit and RW Bro Gill at 6 feet and a lot!!!

RW Bro Russell at 5 feet and a bit and RW Bro Gill at 6 feet and a lot!!!

Saturday the 10th September saw the installation of W. Bro Lewis Sheppard with JGW RW Bro Neil Gill representing the Grand Master. Once again, the touring party provided assistance in an excellent ceremony. At the First Time of Asking, RW Bro Gill presented VW Bro Grant Cucel (Harding Lodge) with the Grand Master’s Order of Merit to Freemasonry in the Pilbara Region. Whilst VW Bro Cucel knew he was to be awarded GMOM, he did not know that the presentation was to be made at that time and was obviously moved by the event.

MW Bro Lewis Sheppard after his Installation with Team Members, Visitors and Lodge Members

W Bro Lewis Sheppard after his Installation with Team Members, Visitors and Lodge Members

The usual toasts etc. were completed in the Lodge South before everyone moved to a local restaurant for a more formal dinner and excellent fellowship. An outstanding raffle with many great prizes was run by WM Allen Cooper PSGD  raising substantial funds for charity.

A Few Happy Snaps




During the evening, W Bro Sheppard presented VW Bro Coomber with the Null Nulla Award as Pilbara Ambassador for 2016 – one of only three other recipients. As in last year when the award was made to RW Bro Mansfield, VW Bro Coomber was, for once speechless (almost!!). A beautifully hand crafted Hand of Fellowship plaque was also presented to Seaview Lodge by Capricorn Lodge in thanks for the support Seaview provided.

VW Bro Coomber receiving his award from MW Bro Sheppard

VW Bro Coomber receiving his award from W Bro Sheppard

Present and past recipients of the Nulla Nulla award - VW Bro Lauder Coomber, RW Bro Bert Russell (Corinthian Family Lodge and RW Bro Ian Mansfiels (Seaview Lodge)

Present and past recipients of the Nulla Nulla award – VW Bro Lauder Coomber, RW Bro Bert Russell (Corinthian Family Lodge) and RW Bro Ian Mansfield (Seaview Lodge)

After the traditional recovery breakfast on the Sunday morning, the bus load of weary Masons headed South and arrived home safe and sound after a 12 hr road trip. Seaview members look forward to next year’s trip to the Pilbara to further cement the excellent and mutually beneficial relationship between the two lodges.

Retire of Apron and Presentation of Service Jewels

A  Day Meeting was held at the Hancock St Hall Double View  on Tuesday 16th August 2016 to celebrate three very important events.

A ceremony was held to retire the Apron of the late V W Bro Albert James Verrier. He was born on the 19th January 1926, educated at Leederville School and Wesley College, married with three sons. He was a member of the J.S.Battye Lodge occupying all chairs except treasurer before joining Seaview Lodge on 15th May 2013 (merger). His community service included Lions Club and Community Watch, he was also awarded the City of Stirling Community Service Award and the Commonwealth Senior Australian Achiever in the 1999 International Year of the Older Person. V W Bro Verrier passed away on the 20th May 2016 aged 90.

M W Bro James Maley PGM presented W Bro William Neill Fisher PGSwdBr with his 70 year Jewel and W Bro Robert John Fraser Perry with his 65 year jewel.  A good turnout of twenty Brethren which included Seaview members plus visitors from King Solomon,  Cambrai and J.F. Walther Day Lodges were in attendance. After the ceremonies all Brethren retired to the South for a very enjoyable lunch.

R W Bro Trevor Arbuckle, W Bro William Fisher (70 yr Jewel), W Bro James Maley, W Bro Robert Perry (65 yr Jewel)

R W Bro Trevor Arbuckle, W Bro William Fisher (70 yr Jewel), M  W Bro James Maley, W Bro Robert Perry (65 yr Jewel) W M Bro ross Newton

Visit to York No.5 Lodge WAC Final Meeting

Our Worshipful Master W.Bro Ross Newton together with VW Bros Kevin Duke. Lauder Coomber, Kingsley Preston (Hale Lodge), W Bro Doug Farmer and Bro Jamie Holloway travelled to York on Thursday 14 July for the final meeting of the Lodge in York – the Lodge is being transferred to Subiaco.

VW Bro Coomber had particular interest as his great great grandfather (WBro George Wansbrough PGStB) was the the fourth initiate into the Lodge in July 1887 and was  Master in 1892.

VM Master Lauder Coomber in the Masters Chair that his Great Great Grandfather sat in

VW Bro Lauder Coomber in the Masters Chair that his Great Great Grandfather presided in

Whilst waiting to be admitted into the Lodge, VW Bro Coomber discovered, much to his obvious delight, that his great great grandfather’s regalia was on display in a glass cabinet with the name “Wansbrough Collection”.

VM Bro Lauder Coomber discovers his Great Great Granfathers regalia

VW Bro Lauder Coomber discovers his Great Great Grandfathers regalia

MW Bro Frank Hayes PGM gave a detailed history of the Lodge including the fact that the building was bought from the Oddfellows in 1891 and, being aware of VW Bro Coomber’s connection to the York Lodge, invited him to make a few comments. A clearly moved VW Bro Coomber, having learned during the history of the Lodge that he was actually sitting in the same building in which his  great great grandfather had presided as Master, gave a short history of the Wansbrough connection to York and concluded with the comment that the evening had been a very significant highlight of his Masonic experience to date!!

Brethren (37 in number) from the city and country adjourned to the south for a most enjoyable festive board.

Lodge members and visitors for a final and historical group gathering

Lodge members and visitors for a final and historical group gathering

Presentation of 40 Year Jewel

W Bro Alf Till RFD ED PGstdBr, was presented with his 40 year Jewel at the Scarborough District Masonic Hall on Wednesday 13th July 2016. Alf’s wife Lesley, daughter Leeta, son Stuart and grandchildren along with his Masonic mates were in attendance to celebrate this very important and commendable occasion. RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle officiated, with the presentation being made inside the Lodge rooms with all in attendance. Morning tea followed with everyone enjoying a slice of cake and a warming cup of tea/coffee on this cold winter’s morning.

Alf was initiated on 27th May 1976, Passed on 21st October and Raised on 17th March 1977. He joined Seaview Lodge on 17th December 1998 from Surf Lodge where he was master in 1986, 1987 and 1988. Alf qualified as an accountant and worked with the Commonwealth Bank, Pioneer Concrete and Medibank Private,  retiring after 15 years with Kingsize Menswear. He was conscripted in 1954 for National Service and after serving in a variety of positions, retired in 1982 as a Major upon reaching the then compulsory retirement age after a long and distinguished Army Reserve career.

A memorable day was had by all.

Alf's 40 year cake

Alf’s 40 year cake

Presentation in the Lodge Rooms by RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle

Presentation in the Lodge Rooms by RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle

Alf with wife Lesley, family, RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle and Bro Tony Woodcock

Alf with wife Lesley, family members, Bro Tony Woodcock and  RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle.

Alf cutting his cake with his daughter in attendance

Alf cutting his cake with his daughter Leeta in attendance