Ladies Night Joondalup Pavilion Restaurant 2018

Another great Ladies Night was held at the TAFE Pavilion Restaurant this year. A few pics from the night out.

Our WM’s wife Gill responding to the toast to  the Ladies and acknowledging the traditional presentation of a scarf obtained from United Grand Lodge of England.

RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle (PSGW) presenting W Bro Dennis Lamb (SGD) with his Past Master’s Jewel to mark his year as Master of Seaview.

W Bro Mick Waterson (SGD) after being presented with a Jewel to mark his many years service to Seaview Lodge as Treasurer. The Jewel, which had previously been presented to W Bro Waterson’s father in law, was suitably inscribed and presented on behalf of Seaview Brethren by RW Bro Ian Mansfield (PSGW GMOM).

A very casual Bro Tony Woodcock (note hands in pockets!) being presented with his Grand Lodge jewel by RW Bro Lee Boyd (PDGM) to mark his 40 years in the craft. Tony was initiated in 4 July 1978 and has served the Craft wonderfully well – just a pity we couldn’t get him into the Master’s chair.