Initiation of the Abbott Brothers into Seaview Lodge 336

Wednesday 17 July 2019 was a significant day for Luke Abbott and Rohan Abbott and for Seaview Lodge when they were initiated into Freemasonry and brothers became Brothers.

Bro Luke Abbott, WM Lauder Coomber & Bro Rohan Abbott

There were 21 Seaview members and 23 visitors in the Lodge to welcome Luke and Rohan into the Craft. The ceremony went very well with Seaview Master Masons doing most of the work viz:

North East Charge Bro Jon Lamb

Working Tools Bro Phil Harris

Final Bro Mike Maxwell

Our Deacons, SD Bro Mike Maxwell and JD Bro Nic Covich did an excellent job in escorting the brothers around the Lodge.

Brethren of Seaview Lodge

The Festive Board had a great vibe to it and Bros Luke Abbott and Rohan Abbott responded to the proposition of their toast from Bro Nic Covich in an excellent manner which bodes well for their futures as ritualists.

A great evening had by all.

VW  Bro Lauder Coomber PDGDC

WM Seaview #336