Retire of Apron and Presentation of Service Jewels

A  Day Meeting was held at the Hancock St Hall Double View  on Tuesday 16th August 2016 to celebrate three very important events.

A ceremony was held to retire the Apron of the late V W Bro Albert James Verrier. He was born on the 19th January 1926, educated at Leederville School and Wesley College, married with three sons. He was a member of the J.S.Battye Lodge occupying all chairs except treasurer before joining Seaview Lodge on 15th May 2013 (merger). His community service included Lions Club and Community Watch, he was also awarded the City of Stirling Community Service Award and the Commonwealth Senior Australian Achiever in the 1999 International Year of the Older Person. V W Bro Verrier passed away on the 20th May 2016 aged 90.

M W Bro James Maley PGM presented W Bro William Neill Fisher PGSwdBr with his 70 year Jewel and W Bro Robert John Fraser Perry with his 65 year jewel.  A good turnout of twenty Brethren which included Seaview members plus visitors from King Solomon,  Cambrai and J.F. Walther Day Lodges were in attendance. After the ceremonies all Brethren retired to the South for a very enjoyable lunch.

R W Bro Trevor Arbuckle, W Bro William Fisher (70 yr Jewel), W Bro James Maley, W Bro Robert Perry (65 yr Jewel)

R W Bro Trevor Arbuckle, W Bro William Fisher (70 yr Jewel), M  W Bro James Maley, W Bro Robert Perry (65 yr Jewel) W M Bro ross Newton

Visit to York No.5 Lodge WAC Final Meeting

Our Worshipful Master W.Bro Ross Newton together with VW Bros Kevin Duke. Lauder Coomber, Kingsley Preston (Hale Lodge), W Bro Doug Farmer and Bro Jamie Holloway travelled to York on Thursday 14 July for the final meeting of the Lodge in York – the Lodge is being transferred to Subiaco.

VW Bro Coomber had particular interest as his great great grandfather (WBro George Wansbrough PGStB) was the the fourth initiate into the Lodge in July 1887 and was  Master in 1892.

VM Master Lauder Coomber in the Masters Chair that his Great Great Grandfather sat in

VW Bro Lauder Coomber in the Masters Chair that his Great Great Grandfather presided in

Whilst waiting to be admitted into the Lodge, VW Bro Coomber discovered, much to his obvious delight, that his great great grandfather’s regalia was on display in a glass cabinet with the name “Wansbrough Collection”.

VM Bro Lauder Coomber discovers his Great Great Granfathers regalia

VW Bro Lauder Coomber discovers his Great Great Grandfathers regalia

MW Bro Frank Hayes PGM gave a detailed history of the Lodge including the fact that the building was bought from the Oddfellows in 1891 and, being aware of VW Bro Coomber’s connection to the York Lodge, invited him to make a few comments. A clearly moved VW Bro Coomber, having learned during the history of the Lodge that he was actually sitting in the same building in which his  great great grandfather had presided as Master, gave a short history of the Wansbrough connection to York and concluded with the comment that the evening had been a very significant highlight of his Masonic experience to date!!

Brethren (37 in number) from the city and country adjourned to the south for a most enjoyable festive board.

Lodge members and visitors for a final and historical group gathering

Lodge members and visitors for a final and historical group gathering

Presentation of 40 Year Jewel

W Bro Alf Till RFD ED PGstdBr, was presented with his 40 year Jewel at the Scarborough District Masonic Hall on Wednesday 13th July 2016. Alf’s wife Lesley, daughter Leeta, son Stuart and grandchildren along with his Masonic mates were in attendance to celebrate this very important and commendable occasion. RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle officiated, with the presentation being made inside the Lodge rooms with all in attendance. Morning tea followed with everyone enjoying a slice of cake and a warming cup of tea/coffee on this cold winter’s morning.

Alf was initiated on 27th May 1976, Passed on 21st October and Raised on 17th March 1977. He joined Seaview Lodge on 17th December 1998 from Surf Lodge where he was master in 1986, 1987 and 1988. Alf qualified as an accountant and worked with the Commonwealth Bank, Pioneer Concrete and Medibank Private,  retiring after 15 years with Kingsize Menswear. He was conscripted in 1954 for National Service and after serving in a variety of positions, retired in 1982 as a Major upon reaching the then compulsory retirement age after a long and distinguished Army Reserve career.

A memorable day was had by all.

Alf's 40 year cake

Alf’s 40 year cake

Presentation in the Lodge Rooms by RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle

Presentation in the Lodge Rooms by RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle

Alf with wife Lesley, family, RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle and Bro Tony Woodcock

Alf with wife Lesley, family members, Bro Tony Woodcock and  RW Bro Trevor Arbuckle.

Alf cutting his cake with his daughter in attendance

Alf cutting his cake with his daughter Leeta in attendance


Right Worshipful Brother Trevor Arbuckle of Seaview Freemasons Lodge is photographed presenting a cheque for $1000 to Brother Olie  Picket of the Wheelchairs for Kids In Need organisation.

IMG_9956 (Copy)

Brother Olie has been involved in the manufacture of wheelchairs for kids since 1998. This WA Charity runs out of a factory in Gnangara and presently has up to 100 retirees volunteering their time in the construction of the wheelchairs. The chairs are then sent to impoverished and disabled children in under sourced countries. Over the last fourteen years the charity has donated over 25,000 wheelchairs to children.

Freemasons Lodges practise charity to others. In regard to Wheelchairs for Kids, Seaview Freemasons Lodge ( has now donated $4000 in total to this worthy cause. To date, a total $17300 has been donated to various charities in WA. The source of this money is derived from donations by individual Freemasons, sausage sizzles raffles and the additional support from the Grand Lodge of Western Australia.

Movember 2015



One of the aims of Freemason Lodges is to support charity. Seaview Freemasons Lodge  ( situated in Doubleview has forty six members who participate in fundraising activities for charity. Funds are raised through sausage sizzles, raffles and donations.

With the assistance of some matching contributions from the Grand Lodge of Western Australia, Seaview Freemasons Lodge has contributed about $16,500 over the last two and a half years to charity. Beneficiaries have been Princess Margaret Hospital ($11,600) Wheelchairs for Kids ($2000), Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club ($2800), Newman SES ($500) and Movember ($1000).

Movember is a global charity committed to men’s health. It is  about raising funds in support of men’s health issues focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. The shaving of moustaches (The Mo) from several of our members took place on the 26 November in support of this cause. The moustaches had been grown over the last few months.  The shaving took place at Joe- n- Co Hairdressing Shop at 20 Duncraig Shopping Centre.  It is anticipated that approximately $2000 dollars will be collected through this activity and its associated sponsor-ship this year.

VW Bro. Lloyd [our Charity Steward] looking very astute having his turn

VW Bro. Lloyd Little [our Charity Steward] looking very astute having his turn

WM Ross Newton getting the Full Monty - Mo & Goatee

WM Ross Newton getting the Full Monty – Mo & Goatee [ I hear Judy was really looking forward to this day]


RW Bro Ian Mansfield also getting a good working over with the Full Monty Plus

RW Bro Ian Mansfield also getting a good working over with the Full Monty Plus

W Bro Shane Sadler looking forward to a refreshment and a pie after his turn

W Bro Shane Sadler looking forward to a refreshment and a pie after his turn with the cut throat [Sweeney Todd 2015]

Open Night 16th November 2015

The Lodge organised an Open Night for prospective candidates at the November meeting. In all, five visitors attended getting an insight into how Freemasonry works and especially the Seaview Lodge in particular.

The lodge was opened in the first degree and general business dealt with then closed. The visitors were escorted into the Lodge Rooms and welcomed by our WM. Ross Newton. The Director of Ceremonies the VW Bro. Ian Mansfield conducted the night’s activities with RW Bro. Trevor Arbuckle giving a very informative presentation on the history of Freemasonry,  the symbolism of the working tools, the wearing of the Aprons/Gauntlets their use in Operative times and how they apply to Speculative Masonry today, and general workings of the Lodge and it’s officers. Three of our newest members – Bros.  Nick Covich, Mike Maxwell and Jamie Holloway spoke about their reasons for joining and what their thoughts were about the Craft to this time.

All  enjoyed a terrific night at the Festive Board with Brethren engaging with our special visitors and answering questions, this was accompanied  with a fine meal supplied by our caterer and enjoyable refreshments were had by all. A special presentation was made to the President of the Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club (SSLSC) Mr Alan Carville for a cheque of $2800 for the purchase of two new rescue boards – monies being raised from the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle and the Raffle at the WM’s installation last month. This will be an ongoing engagement with the SSLSC where the Lodge supports such  organisations within our local district. The boards will have the Square and Compass along with our Seaview Lodge emblem displayed on them for all to see.

VW Bro. Lauder Coomber presenting the cheque to Mr Alan Carville.

VW Bro. Lauder Coomber presenting the cheque to Mr Alan Carville.

Mr Alan Carville greatfuly responding

Mr Alan Carville responding with a summary of the club’s activities and how the rescue boards will be used.


Installation of Worshipful Master and Investiture of Officers 2015

A very enjoyable and successful night was had by all for the Installation of Bro. Ross Henry Newton as our new Worshipful Master and the investiture of Office Bearers.

There were a total of seventy five Brethren in attendance which included members of Seaview Lodge, the Grand Master + 15 Grand Officers and we were also thrilled to have in attendance the Worshipful Masters from Carrington, Justice, Hale, Swan, Western Districts, Lord Nelson, Golden Endeavour, Avalon, Wanneroo, Cambria and SEWA plus Past Masters  from Wanneroo, Carrington, Capricorn, Cambrai, Cornucopia, Lord Nelson, Swan, Kingsley Day, Heritage, Scarborough Wembley Downs, Wannebe (NZ) and Unattached with a very special mention for the two Master Masons from Capricorn who travelled a long way to be with us.  The ceremonial work was performed in an exemplary and heart felt manner by all involved and which all Brethren should be proud of.  The Lodge was closed after greetings by W. Bro. Hughes of Heritage Lodge on behalf of all Visitors.

The Festive Board was a fun night with wonderful fare supplied by our caterers and enjoyable refreshments to wash it all down, the  speeches and toasts were terrific and performed in a warm and very sincere manner – which of course is our want in the South. The raffle was also very successful and some excellent prizes were won, raising $1060 which will be presented to the Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club for the purchase of an  extra rescue board.

A few happy snaps below courtesy of our official photographer W. Bro. Rodney Logan.

Ladies Night Pavilion Restaurant 2015

A terrific night was had by all at the Pavilion Restaurant celebrating Ladies Night. Approximately 60 Brethren their partners and guests enjoyed the hospitality of the Staff and Students studying Hospitality at the Edith Cowan Campus Joondalup, with delicious food, great wines and exemplary service at the tables .

Newman Capricorn Trip

Annual trip to Capricorn Lodge Installation

On Thursday 3 September,  six members of Seaview (R.W.Bro Ian Mansfield, V.W.Bro Llloyd Little, Wor. Bros Lauder Coomber, Mick Waterson, Shane Sadler and Bro. Ross Newton) accompanied by a member of Carrington (W.Bro. Graham Woods) travelled to Newman in the Grand Lodge bus for the Capricorn Lodge Installation. This has become an annual event for Seaview members and was the third Installation in succession we had attended. R.W.Bro Mansfield has been to Capricorn Installations for 5 years in succession (more on that later!!).

On Friday 4 September the travellers (assisted by other visitors and members of Capricorn) undertook  a very well worked double Third Degree ceremony – a breeze after the triple Third they had assisted in last year!!

The Installation ceremony on Saturday 5 September (with R.W.Bro. Dave Russell representing the Grand Master) was very well done and followed by a brief Festive Board with the usual speeches etc in the Lodge building. This was followed by a magnificent formal dinner (with ladies invited) at a local Newman restaurant.  Seaview Lodge (represented by their Worshipful Master W. Bro. Lauder Coomber) was presented with a plaque from Capricorn Lodge in appreciation of the support Seaview has provided in recent years. W.Bro. Coomber confirmed that the Seaview members looked forward to the annual trip to the Pilbara and that the Lodge would continue the annual pilgrimage.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Pilbara Ambassador Award (known as the Nulla Nulla Award) to R. W. Bro. Ian Mansfield in acknowledgement of his support of Capricorn Lodge – in particular over the last 5 years – the inscription on the Award reads “In appreciation of you bringing city Freemasonry to the Pilbara”. This was a special moment during the trip – made all the more special as R.W.Bro Mansfield was, for once, stuck for words!!

All visitors enjoyed the bountiful hospitality of Capricorn members and, after the traditional “recovery breakfast” on the Sunday morning, the bus headed south and the weary travellers were back in Perth by 7.00pm – pleased to be safely home but looking forward to the next trip to the Pilbara in 12 months time.

Lloyd Little, Ross Newton, Lauder Coomber, Ian Mansfield, Mick Waterson, Shane Sadler

Lloyd Little, Ross Newton, Lauder Coomber, Ian Mansfield, Mick Waterson, Shane Sadler